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Religion and Empire in Portuguese India will be out in Spring 2022

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Winner, Columbia University Press Distinguished Book Award 2021
The awarding committee said, "Chatterjee’s genealogy of populist politics, in India and around the world, is at once a significant intervention into political theory and a trenchant diagnosis of our contemporary condition. Chatterjee brings critical theory to life..."

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Harjot Oberoi

Focusing on important issues in Sikh religious identity and memory, Harjot Oberoi shows what modern critical narrative achieves when it moves away from classical models of historiography.

Muzaffar Alam

Offering yet more evidence of Professor Alam’s vast and sustained scholarship, this book provides possibly the most cogent and comprehensive modern account of Indian Islam under the Mughal Empire.

Niraja Gopal Jayal

Who is an Indian? For the first time since independence, the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 brought Indians face-to-face with this question.  This book examines how the constitutional guarantee of equal citizenship has been imperilled.

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