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Permanent Black was set up in 2000 and very quickly established a reputation as one of India's finest academic imprints. We publish the best scholarship on India's history, ecology, politics. We have around 400 books in print and have published the region's most eminent scholars (take a look at our complete catalogue).

Our books are distributed by Orient BlackSwan (formerly Orient Longman), India. A large number of our titles are co-published with prominent university presses in Europe and the USA. We also co-publish Hedgehog & Fox, a series of academic books, with the Ashoka University, India.


Our trade imprint, Black Kite, is published in collaboration with Hachette India.

Permanent Black's editorial office is in Ranikhet in the Indian Himalaya. The photograph shows two members of our staff on security detail. 

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To our readers and authors

This website is a work in progress. We have about 400 titles in print and they are in the process of being incorporated here, as also articles and interviews by our authors. This will take a little while, though we are on the job. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please go to


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