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The Annual Prizes from Permanent Black

This year's winners have been announced!

Dharmanand Kosambi Memorial Book Prize: Rubab Ali Punjabi, Susan Philip, Uma Tara Bakshi
Simon Digby Memorial Book Prize: Aditya Padinjat, R. Aishwarya, Rubab Ali Punjabi, Niharika Nimesh Shah
Sarvepalli Gopal Memorial Book Prize: Rubab Ali Punjabi

When Permanent Black turned twenty, we instituted the Kosambi Memorial Book Prize to be given annually to the best student in Ancient Indian History at Ashoka University, Haryana. The prize is partly funded by a bequest from the historian Meera Kosambi and is given in memory of her grandfather, the historian Dharmanand Kosambi. Last year we have added a prize for Modern History: the Sarvepalli Gopal Memorial Book Prize.

And to ensure that historians of Medieval India were not left in a prize-less desert, an anonymous donor stepped in with the Simon Digby Memorial Book Prize.

Winners are nominated by the university, and Simon Digby Prize is worth Rs 20,000 while the other two are worth Rs 25,000.

The prizes also celebrate the excellent series of scholarly books we co-publish with Ashoka University. The Hedgehog and Fox series is edited by Rudrangshu Mukherjee and now has over a hundred titles.

"What made this journey more enjoyable were the opportunities to work with primary as well as secondary sources together with renowned Professors, who were extremely kind and generous in guiding me. " Rubab Ali Punjabi

"My experience has been ... one of learning and unlearning." R. Aishwarya

"...studying History was something firmly parked on the periphery of my plans, and I could have never imagined how I would fall in love with it." Aditya Padinjat

"It’s had its ups and downs, but if there’s one thing I can take away from my journey, it’s that things are never what they seem, and that the past can continue to surprise you." Uma Tara Bakshi

"It has been extremely transformative, both academically and personally." Susan Philip

"An incredible opportunity to deeply explore both Indian history and regional histories within India." Niharika Nimesh Shah

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